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Maximising access to high-quality content through a decentralized platform, owned by users who benefit through participation


Run on Blockchain

The entire Content Fly platform is run on the decentralized blockchain: Internet Computer, using tamper-proof smart contracts called Canisters. All content is stored in the blockchain including creators’ portfolios, content jobs, images, video, audio, text.. etc.

Calling all 
Brands & Creators

Open to all types of Brands and Creators, regardless of your industry or number of followers.

If your're a brand in need of content to make you fly or an amazing designer, writer, videographer or audio creator, Join Us!

Get Rewarded
(Coming Soon)

Participating on the Content Fly platform earns you token rewards as a share of the ownership.

By holding Content Fly tokens you can vote on how Content Fly develops into the future.

Smart Contract
Job Payment

Fully autonomous, non-custodial smart contract payment for jobs between brands and creators, with no middle man

Brands pay for jobs upfront and the money is stored in the smart contract until they are satisfied with the content.

How it works for Brands
01. Create Content Jobs
02. Collaborate With Creators
03. Receive Your Amazing Content
How it works for Creators
01. Add Your Portfolio of Work
02. Find Content Jobs
03. Collaborate & Deliver Content


⊛ Accept early adopters
⊛ Build: Social Profile - Creator Portfolio
⊛ Build: Content Job Brief
⊛ Build: Marketplace - Browsing Creators & Content Jobs
⊛ Build: Public & Private 1:1 Content Job Commenting System
⊛ Release: Alpha Version 1 for early adopters to test!

⊛ Build: Content Job - Contest, Invitation Only, Public Voting
⊛ Research: Tokenomics, Token Standard & User Rewarding System
⊛ R&D: NFT based attestation for proof of winner/runner-up, showing in Portfolio
⊛ Build: Creators / Brands Ratings and Review System
⊛ Build: Social Media - Like content or follow creators
⊛ Release: Alpha Version 2 for early adopters to test

⊛ Build: Search System for content briefs and creators
⊛ R&D: Creators Recommendation System using Deep Learning
⊛ R&D: Self Custody Smart Contract based Payment & Payout system for brands and creators
⊛ R&D: NFT based attestation for proof of successful completion of work, showing in Portfolio
⊛ Build: Content Moderation System
⊛ R&D: User Notification System to facilitate creators connecting with brands and content design discussion
⊛ Release: Alpha Version 3 for early adopters to test

⊛ R&D: Implement users rewarding system with tokens through participation
⊛ Build: Facilitate audio content creators e.g Podcasters
⊛ Build: Implement any other feedback received through the Alpha testing
⊛ Release: Beta Version 1 for early adopters to test

⊛ Promote Creators Portfolio Canister to Open Internet Service
⊛ Initial Token Offering, Reward early adopters for their contributions
⊛ Platform Monetization e.g platform fees, partnerships, etc
⊛ Creators can form team to work on jobs and receive payment proportionally
⊛ Facilitate long term partnership between brands and creators through Streaming Payment, Recurring Monthly Payment
⊛ Facilitate brands to sponsor Teams
⊛ Native mobile apps to further encourage usage of Content Fly and improve user experience
⊛ Decentralized Operation - manager to resolve conflicts, rewards-based
⊛ User community DAO to drive the roadmap with leaders facilitating
⊛ Enhance content recommendation system to include text and audio
⊛ Add video content

Content Fly runs on Dfinity's Internet Computer

⊛ Internet Computer is the world's first blockchain that runs at web speed and serves content on the web, with unbounded capacity.

⊛ Internet computer is both permissionless and trustless and has no centralized gatekeeper or cloud service provider.

⊛ The Dfinity organisation is the creator of Internet Computer.

⊛ It completes the Open Web / Web3 paradigm that enables Dapps (decentralized applications such as Content Fly) to be fully decentralized, with the full infrastructure stack running directly on blockchain through smart contracts instead of through traditional cloud services. It is the backbone of fully scalable Open Internet Services.

⊛ By building on the Internet Computer, it allows us to put you, the users, in the front seat and take charge of the future trajectory of Content Fly. Through Content Fly's tokenized economy users will be rewarded for interacting with the platform and determine how Content Fly evolves.

⊛ Unlike other blockchains, Internet Computer has a reverse-gas model, meaning users don’t need to worry about paying for the cost of using the smart contracts that run Dapps.  Internet Computer Canisters are supplied with Cycles (the equivalent of Ethereum gas) by developers when they are deployed to Internet Computer. The cost of running Canisters is much lower than other blockchains as there is no competition to get users’ transactions through to the blockchain.

Founding Team

Lead Software Engineer

Henry Chan

Product Manager

Sam McCallum

Content Specialist

Thimpika Sachdej

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